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Ricana Hotels

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The services offered by RICANA HOTELS comprise a broad spectrum which includes hotel management and commercialisation, whether it is ownership or rental. We are committed to running small hotels, where the quality of the service and personalised attention to guests constitute the cornerstones of our work.

We manage the hotels with our work system and experience, immediately increasing average occupancy, maximising local income and always searching for additional strategies which brings in a greater income. Our sales systems are focused on low-cost results and high productivity, always prioritising a personalised care for our guests and a good service.

​Our work ranges from global to personal, understanding that tourist realities are unique and different for each company and destination.

Ricana Hotels
Ricana Hotels


Our mission is to provide our hotels with an influx of guests who wish to enjoy their best ever holidays, identifying quality in complementary services and facilities run by professionals and achieving a position in the market niche they belong using electronic platforms and positioning.


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Ricana Hotels

“The experience accumulated by our team and the unique and personalised service for our clients allows us to focus on our jobs from a holistic and sustainable perspective, guaranteeing an optimal result in the hired destinations and businesses which lasts over time”.