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Ricana Hotels

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Ricana Hotels, an exclusive concept packed with life’s little pleasures

Boutique hotels with exclusive concepts, where all services are meticulously designed to guarantee truly unforgettable experiences.

Our story

Always with a young and innovative spirit in mind, Ricana Hotels started out as an ambitious project thought up by former footballer Ricardo Martínez Sáez “Ricardito”, who with the support of his wife brought this dream to life in 1956, turning a residential building on Las Canteras beach in Las Palmas into one of the first hotels of the time.

The name and essence of Ricana Hotels was recovered by his son, Ricardo Martinez Marrero, to keep the hotel business and family-run concept alive. But this took place after he had built up vast experience in sales management at various hotel chains in Spain and Latin America under the ownership of the Mallorca-based company Barceló, where for twenty-two years he held various positions until becoming sales director for Latin America and later for the whole group.

Ricana Hotels

After this, he spent over three years on the board of directors of IFA Hotel & Touristik, a German chain firmly established in the Canary Islands, Central Europe and the Dominican Republic, where he oversaw an intensive phase of expansion and consolidation.

And this is how Ricana Hotels re-emerged as a hotel chain, this time with a clearer-cut identity and personality than ever before, upholding the family essence of its origins while perfectly fusing with modern-day advances. Our daily goal is to guarantee excellence in guest service through wonderful experiences enjoyed with all five senses.

Rican Hotels

The members and key players of the Ricana Hotels family: hotels for everyone

Hotel Residencial RICANA – 1956

Las Canteras Beach, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

After years of accommodating guests as the property that gave life to Ricana Hotels, it is now the administrative headquarters of Ricana Hotels and a residential building. The ideal place to soak up all the great decisions that affect the company.

Ricana Hotels

Villas Coral Deluxe***** – 2012

Playa Blanca, Lanzarote

It offers a privileged location offering intimate and whimsical services. Ten spacious and charming villas with private pool and terrace where you can make your dream of a luxury holiday come true. Better as a family or with friends.

Ricana Hotels

Rural Hotel La Hacienda del Buen Suceso 2017

Arucas, Gran Canaria

By far the most beautiful hotel in Gran Canaria, and – modesty aside – we’d even say the most beautiful in the Canary Islands. If you add to that the history that could be told by the stone walls of La Hacienda and the rural essence of the swathes of banana trees surrounding the hotel, the result is the perfect place for nature lovers, dreamers, creatives and true romantics.

Ricana Hotels